Are you looking for a place to store your RV, Boat, Utility Trailer, Car or Storage item? We have a gated storage facility at our park. We are conveniently located about 5 minutes from the Homer Watson on-ramp to the 401. Rates vary depending on the size of your storage item and the duration of time you need storage. We offer daily, monthly, 6 months or yearly storage sites.

*Note*: No refunds for cancellations or early removal of items.

Click here to download the Storage Agreement

Under 20’ 20’ to Under 30’ 30’ And Over
$5/day + HST = $5.65 $5/day + HST = $5.65 $5/day + HST = $5.65
$50/month + HST = $56.50 $55/month + HST = $62.15 $60/month + HST = $67.80
$270/six months + HST = $305.10 $300/six months + HST = $339 $330/six months + HST = $372.90
$450/year + HST = $508.50 $500/year + HST = $565.00 $550/year + HST = $621.50


1) You must place and maintain fire, theft, damage and liability insurance on your storage item(s).

2) Use of storage is for storage only.
b) The following uses are permitted:
• Storage of item specified on your Storage Agreement.
• Checking in on your storage item.
• Dropping off or picking up your storage item.
• Dropping off or picking up items inside your storage item.
c) The following uses are not permitted:
• Staying for a longer period of time than is necessary for storage use. Examples: sleeping, preparing of food and eating or drinking, general enjoyment of storage item. • Use of the campground for swimming, visiting campers, or general enjoyment.

3) You are not allowed to do service or maintenance work on your storage item. There are some exceptions to this rule, so if you need service or maintenance work done, please receive permission in the office.

4) Speed Limit is 15km/hr or less

5) Payments are to be made in a timely fashion. Items left over 60 days without payment may be disposed of as per Storage and Liens Act. Payment can be made by Visa, Master Card, Debit, Cash, Cheque or eTransfer. No refunds for cancellations or early removal of items. If you are a current seasonal camper, were a seasonal camper last year, or you are renting two storage sites, you will receive a 10% discount.

6) If you are temporarily removing your storage item, and have a different item that will be there instead, please notify the office. Example; If you are picking up a motor home and leaving a vehicle.

7) If you are gone for 3 weeks or more, please notify the office.
Other Information:
• We suggest you lock your hitch.
• We can winterize your trailer. See the office for pricing.
• If you need to access your storage item in the winter, please talk to the office in October.


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