Hi Campers

As of Wednesday May 20th, 2020, our registered seasonal campers will be allowed to sleep over at their trailers. The Camper Code of Conduct must be read, understood, signed and returned before you are allowed to enter.

***Click here to download*** Camper Code of Conduct***

If you are at all unwell, do not come out to the campground. Do not relax your guard when you are here. There will be consequences if rules are not followed. We are still encouraging campers to stay home whenever possible.

Many of you have questions so we will do another Question and Answer email to address them.

Please Note that my crystal ball happens to be broken at the moment and since the crystal ball repair shop was deemed non-essential I haven’t been able to get it fixed!

Is the Office open?
Yes the office is open. We would appreciate whenever possible, if you call or email instead of coming to the office. We suggest you can bring in your own pen. There is a desk set up at the door to prevent entry into the office. Payments can be made by etransfer, visa, MC, debit (only if tap), cheques, and cash.

Can I bring my children under 18 years old, to the campground with me?
Yes, your children living with you, may come out. They must remain on the site with you unless you go with them for a walk off site. Ensure that physical and social distancing rules are respected. Playgrounds are closed. Adult children 18 years and older that have been living with you, may also be registered as additional people to your site (fees the same as last year).

Can I bring my grandchildren to the campground with me?
Only if your grandchildren have been living under the same roof as you. We anticipate that soon, the province will enter the next stage where the family unit’s social bubble will widen.

What if the two named occupants to a site live at two different residences?
They would not be permitted to come out to the trailer at the same time. They would need to alternate their visits.

Can we now plant flowers, BBQ, and have a campfire at our site?
Yes. However, to be clear, you would not be permitted to have another site join you in a campfire or come for a visit on your site, as of yet. Only the two named occupants and/or the registered additional people that are living under the same roof, may be on the site.

May I walk off my site?
Yes you may go for a walk around the campground as long as you practice physical and social distancing. Please be reminded that all common areas and the playgrounds and the washrooms are closed. You must accompany your children if they are off your site.

May I drive my golf cart?
Yes. Your golf cart liability insurance must be submitted to the office first. The occupants in the golf cart must be living at the same address.

How do we fill out and sign the License of Occupation Form that we sign every year? also review the UPDATED Schedule A and B rules and regulations?
The License of Occupation is to be filled out and signed and returned. (like you did for the Camper Code of Conduct). This year we are requiring a photo copy of the drivers license of the two occupants to the site. If you do not have a drivers license please provide a Government ID card. We only need to see the photo, the name and the address. You are encouraged to black out any other information on it. It can be returned along with your License of Occupation.

We have updated the Schedule A and B rules and regulations for the campground which is part of the License of Occupation. Please read and check off the box on the additional fees form that you have read them.

New this year we will be requiring Project Request Forms to be submitted to the office for approval prior to starting the project. These will need to be filled out if you are considering building your own deck, bringing in or building a shed, planting trees, etc.

When can I add on additional people to my site?
The only additional people that can be registered to your site, at this time, are the people that are living at the same address as you, the registered seasonal camper to the site. Only when, the province expands the social network bubble, will additional people be allowed to be registered to your site. We understand that this is hard for everyone as the campground has always been a place for you to gather with family and friends. Additional people who are Not living at the same address as the seasonal camper can be added on later if and when it is permitted. Cost remains the same as last year.

Will Visitors to Registered Campers be allowed?
No, not at this time. Not until allowed by the province when social networks are expanded further and relaxed.

How and when will I get my vehicle sticker?
The additional fees form is attached for you to fill out your vehicle information and then return. The only vehicles that will be allowed in the campground at this time are those that have a sticker attached or our own staff or delivery vehicles.

Reminder: place your sticker in the Lower Left hand corner of your windshield. Do not place them at the top where we cannot see them. You will receive your sticker(s) when all your paperwork is complete.

Here are the forms you need:

Camper code of conduct

License of Occupation, the named One or Two Occupants to the site

Schedule A & B – Rules and Regulations

Additional fees form, includes pets names, vehicle information, additional campers if living at same address, golf cart insurance and rules, schedule A and B have been read

Project Request Forms

How can I get WiFi at my site?
Please call or email Waterloo Wireless. 

How can I get propane filled?
Call or email and bring your 20lb or 30lb tanks to the propane enclosure or request to have them picked up($5) and delivered ($5). Mark your site number on the tanks. For 100lb tanks call to have us pick up and deliver. Pay by calling in with a credit card or etransfer or by coming to the office. One person in the office at a time.

Can you deliver Firewood to my site?
Yes. Call or email to request at least a day prior for a load or before 4pm for a box of wood to be delivered to your site.

Can I submit a request for a Work Order?
Yes. Please call or email the office If you need to discuss doing up a work order for leveling or de-winterizing, etc, or if you want to go on the list for grass cutting, or want to order a hard roof, an add-a-room, slide-out covers, or trailer sales, dog gates, decks, and sheds etc.

Will we still be getting a discount off for our 2021 Seasonal Fees?
Even though the campground was allowed to be open on Wednesday May 20th, we realize that the 2020 camping season will be different this year due to COVID-19. We will be offering something but at this time we will be waiting to see how things unfold. Thank you to all for paying in full for the 2020 season and for keeping your trust in us.

We are still offering the option to leave. You would receive a refund for the remainder of the season, upon your departure.

What activities can I do?
While practicing social and physical distancing, you may go fishing, watch the koi (sorry the koi feeder cannot be put up but Jan will keep them fed), watch for and enjoy the birds and wildlife, members in the same household may play in the open green spaces, play tennis and pickle ball one on one only, (and you would need to bring your own equipment), walk around the campground, and walk your dog. On your site, tend your flowerbeds, maintain your trailer and lawn, and have a campfire.

Will the swimming pond be open?
For the Pond, we are not planning, at this time, on putting out the inflatable water toys. We will wait until Public Health allows us to open it for swimming.

Will overnight transient camping be allowed this year?
At this time, we are not taking any bookings for the remainder of the summer. This will stay in place until a time that it is lifted from the directives of the province and that we allow for it. As well, if and when this form of camping is permitted, only those units with self contained functioning washrooms/showers will be permitted entry as our washrooms and showers will be remaining closed for the season. Tents and tent trailers would not be allowed (unless camping beside a family or friend that has a functioning washroom/shower and IF the social network has been expanded to include others in their bubble.) For any currently confirmed reservations that were made prior to COVID-19 and are tents or tent trailers, please call in for a full refund or request to have your reservation transferred to 2021. This also applies to any other confirmed reservation that would like to cancel or transfer to 2021.  Keep in mind, IF overnight camping is even allowed, most or all activities will probably not be happening.

We understand that everyone is going through a lot in their lives, especially right now. Everyone is allowed to feel however they are feeling and to have their own opinions. Please be kind and do not take out your frustrations on our staff. If you are feeling unhappy or dissatisfied with us and with how you think we have been handling things so far, please consider what we have done to get to this point. Let me assure you that we have worked very hard.

There will be many more questions as we follow along this journey. Information and rules can change in the blink of an eye. Thank you for your continuing kind words, patience and co-operation with us and with our course of action. We will continue to do our best to operate a safe and peaceful place for you to enjoy.

We are all in this together.

Whistle Bare

Welcome to Whistle Bare Campground. Tucked away in a lush mixed-tree forest and just minutes from the 401, Whistle Bare lies just past the Kitchener border and into Cambridge, Ontario in the township of North Dumfries. Like stepping into cottage country without the drive up north, our campground offers 82 seasonal campsites, a swimming pond, vast storage space and more. Come and fall in love with your new getaway spot!

Click on the images below to view the Gallery of our beautiful campground. Click Here to download the camp map PDF.


“The sites are so big, and the people are very, very nice. This is only our second year here but we love it. It’s a beautiful park.” – Sheila Stride

“We love it here, it’s like it’s in the country, but two minutes from the city. We love the atmosphere. It’s five minutes from our house, and it’s very family oriented.” – Rose and Earl Moyer

“It’s private, it’s so close to everything and it’s my home area, and that makes it even more special to me. Doug and I really enjoy our summers here, we have beautiful sites, great campers, and the privacy! Nobody knows this place is here down in the ‘hollow’ as we call it, but it makes it a very nice summer spot to spend your time. We have truly enjoyed it.” – Judy Claydon